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At Generation Funerals, we recognise that a funeral is an important way for families and communities to celebrate the life, culture and interests of those we have loved.

Assisting your family with arranging a funeral, requires the input of a team of caring, creative and professional staff and often involves many days of preparation and planning, as well as several hours of involvement from a number of staff on the day of the funeral itself.

We are committed to guiding you through this difficult time and trust our service and care meets your expectations of us. Whether it be pre planning, pre payment or at need, we are always here for you and your family.

In order to provide you with the best advice possible and ensure that a funeral meets your individual needs and family requirements, we strongly recommend that you discuss your funeral needs with one of our professionally trained staff.

This can be achieved by meeting with one of our caring Professional Funeral Planners, at one of our conveniently located offices or in your home with no obligation or cost. Telephone our Funeral Advice Line: 1300 011 725

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What others say about us

Thumbs up to Rose Chapel for the most beautiful care and respect they gave to my daughter Sonia and all the family at our time of sadness. Thank you Penny and Team. –  Sandra Kampf Hughes (Facebook)

What others say about us

Simply Marvelous and compassionate people. We were so comfortably at ease with David and Penny, everything was made so easy for us. They made plenty of time for our family and made lovely DVDs to send to our family in the UK. Nothing was too much trouble. – Judith Allen

What others say about us

When our Mum died suddenly, David, Penny and their staff looked after us. Their guidance, patience and emotional support helped us through this sad time. They took the time to listen before, during and after Mum’s funeral and we can highly recommend them. Kim Lomax & Natalie Bradshaw.

What others say about us

David, Penny and their team are highly professional. Their attention to detail and compassion ensured that all our family’s needs were met and our loved one was treated with the utmost respect. –  Rose Deering

What others say about us

Thank you is not a big enough word to show my appreciation of everything you did for Peter’s funeral. You went above and beyond in helping us to personalise Peter’s funeral service. Your attention to detail did not go unnoticed – the positioning of the cap and jacket on the coffin, the stickers on the DVDs, the St George Players song. You really listened and understood who Peter was, and what was important to the family. The time and effort that you put into getting the DVD images and songs right was much appreciated, as was finding suitable rocks for displaying Peter’s boots. The funeral was an accurate representation of Peter and his tastes, a real celebration of his Life. Thank you again for turning a difficult situation into a beautiful memory for us. – Judith and Vanessa


What others say about us

Our family & close related families appreciated David & Penny & Staff (Kellie) SO much for the TOTAL respect shown for Mum (Nan), Betty Wust after her ‘passing’, & to her loving daughters & son & families special thoughts. –  Des (Facebook)

What others say about us

Thank you for your work arranging my Dads funeral. Penny’s data gathering and the funeral programme and DVD planning were made easy and flexible for us. Especially as everything is on a short lead time. The funeral programme and the DVD were beyond my expectation. I enjoyed the funeral programme photos, they reflected my dad and reflected him well. Everything went smoothly. Fond memories of a job well executed make a great day of that which is a sad time. I was proud of my dad’s farewell. Thank you – Bruce

What others say about us

Can not thank the staff from Generation Funerals enough. They were amazing, so caring and gentle; so respectful and helpful.  You did an amazing job, nothing was too much trouble, you made a heartbreaking and sad time into something we will cherish. My family thanks you dearly. – Donna (Facebook Review)

What others say about us

Dad wanted his funeral to be unique and personal, and we celebrated his life. The staff were wonderful in making sure his pre-arrangement wishes were carried out with detail & respect. – David

What others say about us

You listened and you cared, and provided everything we asked for. The whole funeral was elegant and dignified, your support and care made the dark days bearable. – Julie

The Bitterest tears shed over graves are
for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

– Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Can I change funeral directors? Penny highlights that when it comes to a funeral it is vital that the needs of the family are met and they feel comfortable and respected. We are committed to guiding you through this difficult time and trust our service and care meets your expectations of us. It may be

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What do I do if a loved one dies at home? This is one of the more difficult questions because it often depends on the circumstances surrounding your loved ones passing. Often if your loved one has been in palliative care you have been somewhat prepared and may have had discussion about funeral planning. In

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Choosing Funeral Director should be based on integrity

CHOOSING A FUNERAL DIRECTOR SHOULD BE BASED ON INTEGRITY With recent media attention relating to a Rockhampton based funeral director we see the need to dispel some of the issues raised in the news article and comments. Whilst we have not had any personal dealing with Hart Family Funerals or Tony Hart and we can