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At now FINANCE, we offer a flexible range of funeral loans that can be used to cover all necessary funeral expenses. Our friendly and efficient service aims to provide you with the finance you need as easily as possible at the time when you need stress the least. From emergency funeral loans to additional funeral finance to add to an existing fund to fulfil a loved one’s final wishes, now FINANCE has a solution that will work for you.

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Although it is part of the ‘cycle of life’, there is nothing easy about the loss of a loved one! The associated grief and pain can be debilitating. When overcome with such grief, no-one needs the added burden of financial demands and pressure. Whether the death of a loved one was sudden or there was time to prepare – the associated costs are many, varied and can add up quickly, including:

  • The Funeral Service
  • Coffin / casket
  • Professional fees
  • Cemetery / Memorialisation Fees

Your ‘goodbye’ should not nor need not be subject to financial constraints. SuperCare can help you to give your loved one the perfect ‘send-off’! SuperCare facilitates the Early Release of Superannuation Application process (via the Department of Human Services) – to pay for funeral and memorialisation costs.

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It can be stressful planning and paying for a funeral for your loved ones. That’s why our Funeral Loan can ease financial pressure and is available on-demand, to cover unexpected expenses.

  • No deposit is required
  • $3,000 minimum loan amount
  • $10,000 maximum loan amount
  • 5 year maximum loan term
  • Available on demand for unexpected costs
  • Additional payments without penalty
  • Pre-approval available

About our pricing

Understanding the Charges

The costs of any funeral vary from service to service and are dependent on the type of service and its complexity. Unless a funeral is pre-paid, or the deceased took out funeral insurance, then the costs associated with the funeral will normally be met by the estate. The payment of the account is not subject to the settling of an estate. Any person who pays for a funeral can make a claim against the estate for the payment of the funerals and other associated cst. Eg monument, headstone, or other memorials

Fees & Charges Explained

Most family members only ever see the end price of a funeral. This is a perception that the entire cost of the funeral originates with the funeral director. That is not the case. Many of the costs that arise come from your personal choices and from services provided by other parties. We trust that you find the following breakdown of costs helpful.

The best way to understand funeral costs is to consider them in two distinct categories –

  • The funeral director’s costs, or the items and services provided directly by the company (Professional Service Fees); and
  • Disbursements, or the items and services administered by the funeral director but provided and charged for by others.

Explanation of our Professional Service Fee

  • The following are just some of the services provided within our professional fee.
  • Safe, secure, dignified, and ethical care of your loved one in secured premises;
  • Conducting, managing, and attending to your loved ones funeral at the venue of your family’s choice;
  • Liaising with clergy or celebrant, crematoria and cemetery facilities, florists, newspaper publications, musicians, and caterers;
  • Attending to registration of the deceased and adhering to local government regulatory bodies and their statutory requirements;
  • Secure and professional transportation of your loved one from a public hospital in the metropolitan area into our care during business hours (not including public holidays); and
  • Ongoing care and support for your family in the future as the need arises (introduction to qualified grief counsellors and the provision of literature).

We know everyone is unique and no two funeral services will ever be the same.

We have lots of experience and take satisfaction in making sure the needs of each service match your cultural, religious and financial circumstances.

These prices include professional services in within a 200km distance of Bundaberg Post Office. We are able to assist you outside these areas but additional fees would apply.


Our funeral account is made up of five components:

Funeral Directors Charges


Generation Funerals Bundaberg & Kingaroy Professional Service Fee incorporates the various tasks and services typically involved in arranging, planning and conducting a funeral, including (where applicable):

  • Guidance, expertise, care and attention from a team of professionally trained staff (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
  • Provision of advice and support following the funeral.


  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death into our care (Up to 70km Radius). During the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.
  • Provision of mortuary care by experienced and qualified staff at one of our accredited mortuary facilities.
  • Availability of our offices or for a Funeral Planner to meet at your home or other location for the initial arrangement meeting.
  • Arranging for placement of death and/or funeral notices in the newspapers and on our website. (This excludes the Publication costs.)
  • Registration of death with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • Making arrangements with the Cemetery/Crematorium.
  • Liaising with the Clergy/Celebrant.
  • Liaising with the florist, caterer, musician and other service providers.
  • Provision of all necessary staff, one hearse.
  • In addition this fee includes a proportionate share of our basic overhead costs.
  • Publishment of obituary on our website.
  • Death Certificate including 5 certified copies.
  • Memorial book and 50 orders of service sheets where a funeral service takes place – excludes unattended funeral

Our Professional & Service Fee excludes:

  • “After hours charges” – rosary or vigil prayers or viewing at an external venue.
  • Full embalming (required for overseas repatriation and other situations).
  • Viewing Fee.
  • Weekend or Public Holiday fees.
  • Travel outside our usual operating area.
  • Additional vehicles,
  • Payment to third parties, which are called Cash Advances.

Ancillary or discretionary Costs


The cost of the coffin or casket is separate and will depend on your selection.

The retail price of a coffin or casket is all dependant of the material used for construction, style and finish. This will be explained to you at the time arrangements are made. All prices quoted for a coffin includes lining, mattress, pillow, blanket, combustible handles, embellishments and nameplate unless otherwise specified.

4 – Merchandise

Includes additional memorial books, orders of service, urns, stationary, Audio Visual Tributes and any other products or service offered “in house”. These are charged at an additional cost.

Third party costs


These consist of the monies paid out by our company on your behalf to other parties in order to carry out the funeral in accordance with your instructions. These are cash advance fees which are not part of our fee structure but are paid up front by us on your behalf so are added to the funeral expenses. These include but are not limited to:

  • Cemetery or Crematorium fees.
  • Clergy or Celebrant fees.
  • Musician and or Vocalist fees.
  • Venue hire fees.
  • Floral tributes.
  • Death and or funeral notices.
  • Video of services.
  • Catering.
  • Copy of registered Death Certificate.
  • Medical Certificate required for Crematorium.
  • Memorial – An estimate may be provided at the time of arranging the funeral and is considered an estimate only and a more detailed price inclusion will be provided separately.
  • Other personal touches like butterfly, doves, etc.

Terms of Payments

Payment of our account, is not subject to granting of probate, or reimbursement from any Workers Compensation, Insurance Fund, Superannuation Fund or any Government Department eg Centrelink or Veteran Affairs.

Sources of Money

This list not exhaustive and payment of account is not subject to the payment from any of these sources. Your Funeral Planner will assist where required.

  • Deceased Estate
  • Funeral Bonds
  • Funeral or Life insurance
  • Deceased Bank Account/s
  • Centrelink (Additional Entitlements or Entitlement Advancement)
  • Obtain a personal loan or credit cards
  • Superannuation
    • Early release on compassionate ground
    • Deceased Superannuation
    • Life Insurance with deceased superannuation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Victims of Crime
  • Some deceased employers may assist/contribute
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Indigenous Corporations
  • Other Family Members
  • Churches or Charity Organisations
  • State Assisted Funeral

In the event that none of these options above are suitable speak to your Funeral Planner to seek alternative financial arrangements. Please be as upfront as possible if payment of account may be an issue. We are here to help and will ensure a service provided according to wishes and within your financial constraints.