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Grief and Bereavement Care

grief-woman Grief and Bereavement Care

Grief and Bereavement

These thoughtful articles provide guidance and direction for anyone touched by grief.

Someone you love has died. You are now faced with the difficult, but important, need to mourn. Mourning is the open expression of your thoughts and feelings regarding the death and the person who died. It is an essential part of healing. The following articles provide many practical suggestions to help you move toward healing in your unique grief journey.

The days following the death of a loved one can be filled with sadness and confusion. The following articles can help you understand the importance of the rituals surrounding death.

Your child may need concrete explanations of what death is. For example, in a gentle way, you might say, “When a person dies, his or her body stops working. The heart stops beating and the body stops moving, eating, and breathing.” Sometimes, young children may not understand that death is permanent and will ask questions like, “When is Daddy coming back?” or make statements like, “I am going to show Mommy my new picture.” Continue to be concrete in your explanation. Use words like “died” and “dead,” rather than “went to sleep,” “your loss,” or “passed away.” While these phrases may seem gentler, they may also be confusing. Since young children often think literally, they may assume, for instance, that if others look hard enough, a “lost” parent could be found.

For some help with explaining death to your child, watch the video “Talking About Uncle Jack and use the conversation between Elmo and his dad as a model.

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There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Winnie the Pooh

What others say about us

Thumbs up to Rose Chapel for the most beautiful care and respect they gave to my daughter Sonia and all the family at our time of sadness. Thank you Penny and Team. –  Sandra Kampf Hughes (Facebook)

What others say about us

Simply Marvelous and compassionate people. We were so comfortably at ease with David and Penny, everything was made so easy for us. They made plenty of time for our family and made lovely DVDs to send to our family in the UK. Nothing was too much trouble. – Judith Allen

What others say about us

When our Mum died suddenly, David, Penny and their staff looked after us. Their guidance, patience and emotional support helped us through this sad time. They took the time to listen before, during and after Mum’s funeral and we can highly recommend them. Kim Lomax & Natalie Bradshaw.