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Audio Visual Moving Tribute

A Journey of Remembrance

A Journey of Remembrance Audio Visual Moving Tribute is a celebration of your loved one’s life in images and audio. This is a moving tribute of approximately 30 -35 of your treasured photographic moments from your family archives carefully edited and crafted into a moving tribute accompanied with a piece of their favorite music of approximately 3-5 minutes long, presented either in DVD format, HD video file, a printed disk and disk case uniquely themed.

Your special family moments are brought to the screen in standard or high definition against a unique themed background, accompanied by music of your choosing.

So that we can guarantee a professional tribute, only audio visual tributes prepared by our audiovisual department will be used.

The Journey of Remembrance Audio Visual Moving Tribute process:

  1. Select approximately 30-35 photographs to be used
  2. Choose 2 feature photographs one to be used in the opening and one for the closing screen
  3. Number photographs with the stickers provided
  4. Select a piece of music (3-5 minutes in length)
  5. Complete the separate order form that is in the envelope provided
  6. Place the order form and photographs/usb/cd/ into the envelope provided
  7. Return the envelope at the time and place nominated with your Funeral Planner.