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To Pre-plan or not to ….. that is the question?

Lets look at that question in a different way; what happens if you don’t future plan for your funeral? Someone close to you, generally your next of kin, will have to make the arrangements and pay for the funeral at a time when they are exhausted with grief. This is a time when those that love and cherish you should be celebrating the life lived not make intense decisions about what music you may have wanted.

Taking this initiative to pre-plan your funeral is a thoughtful and selfless act and the last loving legacy in the celebration of the life lived you can give.

Concerned people find that pre-planning and or pre-funding gives them and their families’ peace of mind, allowing them to spend the children’s inheritance without leaving them in Debt.

There is NO charge to pre-arrange your funeral, we can help you to document your choices and arrange in advance a funeral that meets your personal wishes and your budget.

Some people choose to pre-arrange most of the details; others just arrange the basics such as the venue, cremation or cemetery details and any special requests and leave the remaining details to their family to be decided on when the time comes.

Everyone knows that a will, an enduring power of attorney, an advanced health directory are important at any age for future planning. People are aware that life insurance and income protection is also good financial management so too is a pre-funded funeral plans.

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You can pay the whole amount in one lump sum or a series of smaller instalments. Or you can arrange to have regular instalments deducted from your bank account on a regular basis. Some conditions apply.

With pre-funded options, there is a 30 day cooling off period in which you can change your mind. However, after that period Government Legislation does not allow the funds to be withdrawn and they are payable only upon death.

You will receive a fund certificate and documentation which should be kept in a safe place with your other important documents.

Yes. This is a simple matter to do if you have moved or are now unhappy with your previous arrangements with another funeral company. Please talk with us regarding this.

Yes. Queensland has enacted specific funeral fund legislation. The Acts regulate the investment activities of pre-funded funeral plans ensuring that pre-funded funeral monies are managed independently from the funeral director. These regulations and legislations are designed to protect and guarantee the prudent contributor.

No. The funeral monies always remain in your name and can be used only for the funeral expenses. No one else can access the money prior to your death or withdraw the money without the death certificate.

If someone dies away from home, for whatever reason, just contact us. We can arrange to bring the person home for the funeral service or the burial. Some additional costs would be involved.

No. In fact by entering into a funeral fund it may help you qualify for the pension or increase your part pension. A funeral fund is exempt from both the assets test and deeming rules and the benefits come free of personal tax implications or other entitlements.

Yes. We recommend you talk to your family. Tell them that you have documented your wishes and pre-funded your funeral with Generation Funerals. We also recommend you have a will, enduring power of attorney and an advanced health directive to give you assurity over how your memory will live on. The following clause is recommended for inclusion in your will: “It is my wish that the services for my funeral be provided by the Australian and family owned funeral directors Generation Funerals”