The Grief Brief

Have you talked to your loved ones about their final farewell?

Plan years in advance and save yourself the stress when the time comes

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Life and death are inevitable, but we can’t control the timing of either…but you can plan for the future.

While the conversation may be confronting, discussing the last wishes as your loved one says goodbye is important! This pre-planning will help ease times of discomfort and mourning because the farewell is pre-determined. Questions like; Do you want a wake? Do you want to be cremated or buried? Is there a favourite song you’d like to have played? What is the atmosphere that you envision to honour the life of your loved one?

In order to have a meaningful and genuinely reflective funeral, at Generation Funerals, we have created “The Grief Brief”, a simple questionaire that you can fill out with your loved ones to record all of the important details well in advance.

“The Grief Brief” aims to start a conversation that allows all family members an opportunity to better understand and respect everyone’s thoughts and wishes before planning for a funeral. Please know that grieving is a natural process, and we hope that by downloading “The Grief Brief” questionnaire as a dependable resource, it will assist your loved one’s final wishes.

So how do you start this conversation?

1. Gather the family in an informal setting.

2. Have one family member complete the “The Grief Brief” questionnaire. Fill in the multiple-choice questions, including the individualised short response section of the brief.

3. Once all the fields in the “The Grief Brief” have been completed to the best of your ability, store this document in a safe and accessible place that is known by all.

4. Take your time, and if you can’t address all the questions at once, then regroup and try to initiate “The Grief Brief” in another setting. There is no wrong way to complete the brief.

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