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How Hawaiians Celebrate Life with An Ocean Funeral

How Hawaiians Celebrate Life with An Ocean Funeral

One of the most interesting things about the different cultures across the world is how certain societies celebrate life and commemorate death in the form of funeral services.

You might be more familiar with a more traditional type of church funeral followed by cremation or burial, organised by funeral directors in Bundaberg, but that really is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the various rituals around the globe. 

Here at Generation Funerals we think it is really important to know as much about the various different death traditions of the world as we can.

We believe it makes our own business and services better and more sensitive. Hawaii happens to be a location we are very interested in.

Here is some information about their traditional ocean funerals.

  • Sea burial is seen as the most heartfelt and respectful form of death tradition that is carried out across cultures in Hawaii. It has been an established ritual for generations and generations.
  • Modern variations of this tradition often see family members placing their surfboards on the beach side by side, where they will share memories and stories of the deceased.
  • A few traditional songs will be softly sun by the congregation, and after that, the senior members of the group will gather around an outrigger canoe that is by the shore. The canoe is the vehicle of honour in the ritual.
  • Rather than sending out a body as would have been done originally, the modern funeral sends out the deceased’s ashes instead. The canoe carries the ashes, as well as any surviving matriarch or patriarch, and the rest of the group bestow things like lei on the boat.
  • Once pushed out to an appropriate distance at sea, the ashes are then taken from their casing and released to the waters in a beautiful and poignant ceremony of prayer and soft chanting. Once this final stage for deceased has been completed, the mourners return to shore and are comforted by those who waited from them at the beach. 

Hopefully we have been able to teach you something new and beautiful today.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us when the time comes that you need to enlist the help of funeral directors in Bundaberg.

We understand how sensitive a time it can be, and we strive to handle each client’s needs with great compassion and understanding.