In our care

We offer the benefit of our support and experience to help you get through the difficulty that comes with experiencing a loss. Our process is as follows:

1. Get in touch

If you’ve been tasked with handling funeral arrangements, feel free to contact us at any time to support you. As soon as we become involved, we can guide you patiently through the arrangement process even if this is your first time or the death was unexpected. You can reach out to us by calling 1300 011 725.

2. Cremation or burial

This is a very personal choice that may be influenced by factors like religious beliefs, stated preferences and family traditions. For clarification, cremation is the process in which the deceased, their casket or coffin, floral tributes and any personal effects placed with the deceased are incinerated by the way of a cremator. Burial involves the internment of remains either in the earth or above ground in a mausoleum or crypt. If this choice has not clearly been made in advance, our team can help you weigh the options and make an informed decision.

3. Adding meaning

Think carefully about your loved one and the things that stand out most vividly about them in your memory. Their passions, skills and personality can all be referred to through various elements of the funeral. Even the option of having a less formal memorial event without the casket present may provide an atmosphere that lets loved ones express their grief more readily. Apart from certain rules enforced by religious bodies, we have the freedom to assist in the creation of a unique event that respectfully celebrates a lost loved one.
Think of a funeral as a way to honour someone who has passed on while allowing those who live on a chance to express grief and join with others in remembrance. At Generation Funerals we support that process through memorable events that contain combinations of the following as needed:

Audio visual tributes

This is a moving tribute of approximately 30-35 treasured photographic moments from your family archives carefully edited and accompanied by 3-5 minutes of your loved one’s favourite music. To have this tribute created:

  • Select approximately 30-35 photographs to be used
  • Choose 2 feature photographs, one for the opening and one for the closing screen
  • Number the photographs with the stickers provided
  • Select a piece of music (3-5 minutes in length)
  • Complete the separate order form that is in the envelope provided
  • Place the order form and photographs/usb/cd/ into the envelope provided
  • Return the envelope at the time and place nominated with your Funeral Planner.

Music at the funeral

Music can say so much, especially when emotions make it hard for us to speak. At Generation Funerals, we can work with you to compile a playlist of songs from our extensive library or your own collection for use during the funeral. If live music seems the best fit for the event, we can arrange that with your guidance as well.

Funeral stationery

Our in-house team of professional designers can design and produce a suite of stationery inspired by your loved one as a keepsake for those in attendance at the funeral or memorial.

Orders of service

With a personalised order of service, attendees are offered a lasting and comforting memory of the departed. This can also be sent to mourners who were unable to attend to give them a sense of being part of the process as well.

Attendance book

A personalised Memorial Attendance Book can. use thoughtful quotations and imagery that reflect the character of the deceased and inspire mourners to sign and share their sentiments as a community.

Thank you cards

A short, thoughtful thank-you card can express the deep gratitude you feel for those who have been helpful in your grief or involved in the life of your late loved one.

Generation Funerals Precious Memories Tribute Books