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Celebrate-Life Community and Education


As part of our community outreach and education program, Generation Funerals opens its doors for tours for all variety of clubs, classes, groups and churches.  We can also come to see your organisation.

Education Seminars typically last 45 to 60 minutes and begin with a group session during which a funeral director shares basic information on how the funeral home cares for the deceased and for the living.  Options regarding burial, cremation and anatomical donation are discussed, along with types of funeral services.  The discussion continues as the group views the chapel, visitation rooms, selection room, mortuary.  It ends with a question and answer session.  Specific content is adapted to the needs of the tour group.  Each tour fulfills our overall mission to educate the public on the healing role of funerals and positively represent the value of funeral service to our community.

Bundaberg Open House Sessions:

Bundaberg-Open-Invite-2017 Community and Education

Bundaberg Open Invite 2017, Generation Funerals


Kingaroy-Open-Invite-2017 Community and Education

Kingaroy Open Invite 2017, Generation Funerals