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Music at the Funeral

There is an old saying that says ” Where Words Fail Music Speaks” and during a time of grief and sadness music is often relied on to project our particular emotions when we simply cant. It does not matter what era of life you came from, what your interests and what reflects you as a person –  the music heard at a funeral can stem from many genres. Recognising the importance of music at funerals and life celebrations, Generation Funerals have developed an extensive music library to help families choose that special song, hymn or piece of music for the service.

However, if you would prefer to have live music played by a band, piper, vocalist, bugler, organist, or string quartet, we are happy to organise this also.

To help you with your choice of music below we have placed 20 of the most popular funeral songs from different eras, artists and cultural backgrounds.

  1. “Angel” – Sarah McLachlan
  2. “Compass” – Rascal Flatts
  3. “My Heart Will Go On” Celine Dion
  4. “Amazing Grace” – Susan Boyle
  5. “Tears In Heaven” – Eric Clapton
  6. “You Raise Me Up” – Westlife
  7. “Sounds of Silence” – Disturbed
  8. “Candle In The Wind” – Elton John
  9. “Unchained Melody” – The Righteous Brothers
  10. “Wind Beneath My Wings” – Bette Midler
  11. “How Do I Live?” – LeAnn Rimes
  12. “See You Again” – Charlie Puth
  13. “True Blue” – John Williamson
  14. “When I Get Where I’m Going” – Brad Paisely
  15. “Time To Say Goodbye” – Sarah Brightman
  16. “The Prayer” – Anthony Callea
  17. “Wasn’t Expecting That” – Jamie Lawson
  18. “We’ll Meet Again” – Vera Lynn
  19. “One” – U2
  20. “Looking Forward, Looking Back” – Slim Dusty