Vivid Raku

$27.00$109.00 inc GST

Large Urn (27.3×15.2 cm – 3.1L capacity)
Keepsake Size Urn (5.7×8.3 cm – <0.1L capacity)
Keepsake Size Heart (7.0×3.2 cm – 0.08L capacity)

  • Constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Sizes include Adult, Keepsake and Heart Keepsake including stand.
  • Size: Various
  • Capacity: Various
  • Personalisable: Yes


Terrybear Urns®

Terrybear Urns® designs beautiful and affordable urns that funeral industry professionals and families have come to know and appreciate. Each urn is individually handled; there is no mass production, meaning each urn is unique.

Terrybear brass urns are crafted by hand using a sandcasting process that is hundreds of years old. Depending on the design, an urn may go through as many as seven processes before inspection and packaging.

All Terrybear designs are ©1994-2016 Terrybear, Inc. Memory of a Lifetime and Terrybear are registered trademarks of Terrybear, Inc. Heart Keepsakes are patent protected.

What size urn do I need? Download the urn sizing guide

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Ashes/Cremains can be transferred into your urn purchase free of charge when you bring in the ashes/cremains into any of our Tribute Centres. Alternatively instructions are included with your purchase for you to do it yourself.

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