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Should I let my children attend a viewing or funeral?

Penny recognises that this is completely the decision of each individual parent as they are the one who know their own child, what they are able to handle and also their relationship to the deceased.

We have read a lot of scientific research and seen within our own experience that children are very aware when it comes to death even from quite a young age.

It has been found that it can be spiritually and psychologically positive for children to be involved in a funeral.

Being part of the viewing may be slightly confronting but then we respect that there are religious and cultural beliefs that need to be followed for some families.

Throughout our time working with families to organised and hold funerals we have found that children respond well to being part of the emotions and feelings that losing a loved one and therefore have a greater understanding that this person is not coming back.

We have often found as well that the laughter of a child can be comforting to a family during this difficult time.

Appreciating that some children may have trouble sitting for lengthy periods of time we have a special children’s room within our premises.

This allows parents to remove their children from the service but as there is also a live stream television in the room they can also stay an integral part of the funeral.

Ultimately we are happy to accommodate families at all possible opportunity during this time because this is our industry and we want to send your loved one off with a fond farewell.

“Uncompromised in our care”