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Funeral Streaming

Like many area’s of our lives, technology is having an impact in every part of our lives. Funerals or memorial services can now streamed (broadcasted) live over the internet. Using the latest professional grade technology Generation Funerals can broadcast a funeral service live via our website.

When family or friends are unable to attend a funeral service because they live in a nursing home, interstate or overseas or when they may have commitments that can not be changed, a funeral stream is a logical alternative. It gives a virtual presence at the funeral and can assist with the grieving process.

Funeral streaming enables absent mourners the opportunity to view and hear the funeral live from anywhere in the world for far less than the cost of travelling.

We will record and archive the service which is then available for ‘playback’ for a period of 3 months from the date of the funeral.

We are able to provide this service from any of our chapels in Bundaberg or Kingaroy, at a church, at a cemetery or at any other location. Mourners do not require any special software. Just an internet connection is required and the stream for eligible funerals will be found on the Obituary page.

During Coronavirus-19 pandemic restrictions, We believe people should able to mourn without delaying the funeral or missing out on the funeral service.