Using Drama to Understand Grief

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Many people don’t like thinking about death and young people in particular can have difficulty connecting with the concept of mortality in a meaningful way. This may result from several factors:

  • Children and young people tend not to know many people who have passed on personally
  • Parents may opt not to openly discuss death with their children to avoid upsetting them
  • Young people generally expect to have decades of life ahead of them before death is a concern

In reality, death is a part of life. At Generation Funerals, we’ve been spreading the message through a Docu-drama series that aims to educate younger members of the community on the realities of death and healthy grieving.

These sessions begin with the dramatisation of a sudden death. Through the characters’ emotions, the audience can explore a situation that might be unfamiliar or one they’ve never fully resolved in real life. 

As the characters process their bereavement, observers can gain a better understanding of grief and healthy means of expressing how they feel to end up at a place of clarity and healing.

If you know of a class that could benefit from one of these sessions, feel free to contact the Generation Funerals team.